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We have had a great year here at OEC and OEConnect and we would like to thank our Members, employees, and all of our vendors and friends who have made this such a successful and transformative year.  OEConnect has completed 700 miles of construction of mainline fiber and we may be one of the first cooperatives to provide fiber optic access at every one of our Members’ homes! From starting to do activations in April of this year, we have already connected over 650 customers to date. Activations are rapidly increasing and we are excited to bring service to as many locations as we can in 2020.  Our electric business has also done very well. We celebrated our 75th Annual Meeting with the release of our video documenting some of the history of OEC, highlighted by recollections from two founding members and treasured friends of the co-op, Diana Marlette and Neva Maxson.  We are grateful that the poles and infrastructure that have been put in place during the past 75 years have provided the basis for us to build a state-of-the-art fiber network to help members and neighbors access the internet and connect a phone as well.  These improvements to Otsego Electric Cooperative will also help us transition to a smarter electric grid. We look forward to the future of our service area with optimism and we will continue to strive to enhance the quality of life for our members every day.